Thursday, April 26, 2012

Searching for Cheap Vegas Hotels

Cheap Vegas Hotels
There are millions of visitors a year to Las Vegas and it would be right in presuming that a great percentage of those visitors are interested in cheap Vegas hotels. Let's face it, people do not go to 'Sin City' to sleep. They just want a clean, safe place to sleep if they plan to do any sleeping at all.
It is important to note that rates are generally higher throughout the city on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are planning to visit the city during a holiday, rest assured that the chance of locating any cheap Vegas hotels would be next to impossible. Therefore, you are best to visit when there is not a national holiday. Several taxes are added to the cost of a room though. There is a 7.75% Nevada sales tax and a 9% room tax as well.
Cheap Vegas Hotel
Las Vegas is not just for gambling anymore. It is known as a fantasyland offering many extravagant shows and activities. The Las Vegas strip is truly remarkable with its fabulous hotels and at night, the strip is light with a multitude of colored lights that amazes even the locals. Cheap Vegas hotels are a possibility, you just have to look for them.
Cheap Vegas Hotels
Obviously, you will not be staying on the strip if your plan is find cheap Vegas hotels. There is a service that is called the Las Vegas Hotels and Online Reservation Rate Search that offers booking and reservation information. You will be able to find wonderful lodgings for whatever your reason for visiting the city. There are numerous conventions, sporting events, cultural events and of course the casinos.
At one time, some of the casinos would send customers offers for large discounts on rooms for your next visit. Of course, you would have to have visited the casino in the first place to be placed on this particular mailing list. These offers were eligible to patrons who signed up for a free Players Card. It is possible that these types of offers are still available around the city. This was a great way to get in on cheap Vegas hotels.